The Stanford MathBrain Project is dedicated to advancing the state of behavioral, cognitive and neuroscience research in the domain of symbolic, numerical, and mathematical reasoning and learning. Our overarching goals are to (1) to better understand the normal development of mathematical skills, (2) to understand the neural basis of dyscalculia and mathematical difficulties, and (3) develop brain-based methods and evidence to help improve mathematical skills in individuals with dyscalculia and specific learning disabilities.

We invite your participation in our ongoing Research Projects and thank you for your interest.

The Stanford MathBrain Project is part of the Stanford Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience Laboratory directed by Prof. Vinod Menon. We use multimodal brain imaging techniques (fMRI, sMRI, DTI, and EEG) as well as behavioral, psychological and computational methods in our research. Ongoing research studies in our lab are described below. We invite your participation and thank you for your interest.